National Geographic вибрав кращі знімки Инстаграма : 30 карколомно красивих фото

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У течію вже більше 20 років National Geographic залишається найбільшим телеканалом у світі, що транслює науково-популярні фільми. Окрім природи, NG приділяє велику увагу культурі і історії, а загальна аудиторія каналу складає близько 440 млн чоловік. А ще пізнавальний канал зібрав 100 млн передплатників у своєму Инстаграме.

На честь досягнення подібної відмітки National Geographic вирішив провести конкурс серед користувачів соцсети. Впродовж певного часу усі ті, що бажають, повинні були запостить фото з хештегом #natgeo100contest, серед яких були вибрані 30 кращих. Переможець отримав безкоштовну поїздку в Танзанію.

Ануроп Кришнан

Брент Стіртон

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I was totally privileged to spend time with the world’s best #pangolin care-givers at the #tikkihywoodtrust for an upcoming @natgeo magazine story. I witnessed an extraordinary #relationship unfold as these men helped rescued, traumatized pangolin to find ants and termites to eat and kept them safe from predators and poachers. Pangolins are the world’s most trafficked animal in the illegal wildlife trade and are extraordinarily endangered. The Tikki Hywood Trust undertakes public awareness campaigns, trains law enforcement and judiciary personnel, conducts research, and rehabilitates pangolins that have been confiscated from the illegal trade. They operate with partners across Africa and advise in Asia. A recently opened extension #tikkihywoodfoundation.cameroon is doing great work in the epicenter of the illegal pangolin world. Founder Lisa Hywood is seen as a global expert on how to care for Pangolins in captivity and along with partner Ellen Connelly, they represent an extraordinary example of how to care for animals. The trust also engages with other organizations and governments throughout Africa to highlight the plight of pangolins, raising awareness of their conservation status and educating them as to the need for conserving pangolins, as well as implementing conservation actions. Many of their activities are not covered by research grants and they rely on sponsors and donations to continue their work. It is estimated that over a million pangolin have been lost in the last ten years, this is from a population that we have never counted, we have no idea how many remain, and we know it is not possible to breed these animals in captivity. We are losing these extraordinary animals so quickly to the illegal Asian market that they may disappear before we can truly appreciate them. @natgeo #conservation #Endangered #antipoaching #WildlifeCrime #Africa #wildlifecrime

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Максим Израэєл Колльє

Маджед Султан Альзаабі

Ясінта Вердегаал

Ніколас Паркер

Хуан Кінтерос


Ула Ломанн

Кейн Дилейсі

Кен Гейгер

Арвінд Патваль

Андрі Лаускас

Себастьян Шайхль

Девон Фокс

Юрі Чофур

Себастьян Негі

Чайтаня Дешпанде

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‘Here Comes The Sun’ . . It feels good to know that @natgeo is (other than @Instagram) by far and away the most followed ‘corporate’ account (as against an individual’s personal account). As the largest non-profit scientific and educational organizations in the world with interests in geography, archaeology, natural science, the promotion of environmental and historical conservation, and the study of world culture and history, it’s heartening to note that there are so many people so keenly interested in the work they do. Hopefully this means good news for planet earth and for conservation in all its forms everywhere. . . #nationalgeographic #yourworld #earth #wild #wildlife #savetheplanet #bbcearth #conservation #animals #planetearth #photography #100million #contest #natgeo100contest

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Андре Масгров

Фіналіст Адам Кіфер

ФФіналіст Фрэнк Галушка

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One of my favorite images captured this year so far, I’m reposting this for the #natgeo100contest Congrats on all that you do, Natgeo! Keep it up! I think this photo perfectly captures the drama of predator/prey interactions; life or death for both animals can hinge on each hunt and each escape. Though it looks like the egret has a sure meal, this frog actually got away! #egret #greategret #frog #nature_sultans #allnatureshots #wildlifeonearth #wildlifeplanet #animalelite #splendid_animals #exclusive_wildlife #nature_perfection #wildlifephotographic #wildlife_supreme #wildplanetphotomag #photoarena_nature #animalfanatics #wildlife #wildlifephotography #nature #naturephotography #natgeo #natgeowild #floridawildlife #florida #nikon #birds #birdsofinstagram #ribbit #frogsleapwinery

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Фіналіст Сандра Адорно

Фіналіст Франциско Перес

Фіналіст Мэтт Потенскі

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Congratulations to @natgeo for reaching 100 million followers. To celebrate I am posting my most Nat Geo inspired photo for the #natgeo100contest . I took this portrait of a #whaleshark surrounded by #sardines off of #mafiaisland #tanzania . This particular individual had a large but healed over sharkbite wound on its right pectoral fin which made it very distinctive. It also had a very curious personality and would actually change direction to swim directly over and investigate our boat. I tagged and observed this individual come back to this site for several years. For this shot I love the way the surface and the swirling school of sardines naturally frame the #shark. There is a great amount of movement in this still image. Whale sharks are a combination of size, power, and grace dressed up in a exotic pattern of spots. Their docile dispositions make them easily approachable. They have become a superstar of the marine #ecotourism industry and seeing them impresses everyone lucky enough to get in the water with them. #nature #naturephotography #wildlife #wildlifephotography #underwater #underwaterphotography #sharkdiving #africa #eastafrica #indianocean #fish #bigfish #spots #sharks #whalesharks #underwaterworld #sealife #seacreatures #underthesea #natgeoyourshot #snorkeling #natgeowild #aquaticadigital

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Фіналіст Кріс О’Брайан

Фіналіст Сара Штейн

Фіналіст Хатія Нікабадзе

Фіналіст Феліс Саймон

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ice skaters #natgeo100contest

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переможець Кетан Хамбатта

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The great migration #natgeo100contest

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Як мені здається, все-таки найголовніше в цьому конкурсі – його формат. Те, що фотографії незрівнянні, очевидно, National Geographic, як ні крути, свого роду символ якості. Але провести такий великий конкурс прямо в одній з найбільших соціальних мереж – це визначено непоганий крок вперед. Можливо, незабаром великі корпорації все більше і більше стануть використовувати можливості Інтернету.